World of Aereth (PFRPG)

Getting Started
How we created characters and began the campaign.

We started a few months back, before the PFRPG was published. So, we began using the 3.5 D&D rules, using 0-Level characters. I used the rules for creatiing these characters that came in the DCC: #35 Gazetteer of the Known Realms boxed set.

My players like to run single characters, so we created a 4 character party, with myself running 2 NPC’s in the group. These were as follows:

Fabio (PC) An arrogant and self-absorbed elven wizard. Fabio is an Envoker, hoping to amass great treasure and magical knowledge in the future. He has grand dreams of eventually ruling a country. Given Fabio’s haughty nature, we decided he should come from the Anseur Forest, located in the Northlands of Aereth. The Anseur elves are known for “their mastery of of the arcane arts and their passionate adherence to the ancient code of honor.”

Sheeba (PC) A carefree thief from the desert nation known as the Lostlands.


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